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Clueless before, Clued up now!

Without a lot of knowledge at the beginning, we just looked at many properties blindly and were totally clueless how it all goes! Then it all started in 2009 when we attended Ron's seminar in March – we were inspired by his knowledge, experience and great personality. He is passionate about properties and in helping others achieve success. We joined Ron's mentoring group right there and within 6 months, we bought two great deals. Both cash flow positive and made 250K in equity. Throughout the year, we have learned so much from him and we are still continuing learning from him. We would not have achieved so much without such a great mentor, thanks so much Ron!"
Kuffy & Louise

"Wish I'd joined earlier!"

"I have know Ron since 2007 from attending his workshops and seminars. But at that time I was not ready to invest with Ron, both mentally and financially. Believing that property investing requires lots of money, I have tried many other business and investing ways, such as network marketing and US tax liens. After many thousands of hours and dollars wasted, I was getting mediocre returns for the time and money invested. Then in June 2010, I finally joined Ron's coaching programme, and in one month Ron helped me secured two rental properties, each with 7.5% plus yield, and made over $100k worth of equity in two deals! If I had joined Ron's programme back in 2007, I would probably be sitting with 10 properties by now, but it's never too late to invest in real estate. Thanks Ron!"
Gary Lin

"My life changed dramatically when I met Ron!"

"If I hadn't joined the Ronovationz Mentoring Group I would have not have had the opportunity to put my property knowledge into practice, network with fellow property enthusiasts or remain self motivated. I believe I would have found it difficult to succeed in property without the vital role that the mentoring group has played in my progress and understanding of the fluctuating property market."
Tina Chan

"Getting the right mentor is a must!"

"Getting into property investing was pretty daunting task for me. Taking advices from financial advisers, bankers, family and friends just don't work and got me confused even more. After talking to Ron about my dilema, it suddenly became clear. 15 months later, I now have four Auckland properties all provideing positive cashflow immediate increase in equity. GETTING THE RIGHT MENTOR IS A MUST!"