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Property Wealth Coaches

Step-by-step guidance from leading property investment coaches

Property investment can be a daunting market to enter, leaving many potential investors feeling discouraged and overwhelmed. Ronovationz wants to change that. Our property investment mentors and coaches are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experiences to help you reach your property goals.

When you join Ronovationz, you enter into a unique partnership with a successful and experienced property investor. You will:

Receive guidance and advice throughout your property journey.

Have access to your coach, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Be surrounded by inspiring, like minded property enthusiasts.

Receive a Ronovationz Members Club Card, allowing you to enjoy member only discounts.

Hold lifetime membership.· Attend informative talks and workshops held each fortnight, allowing you to network and share.

Be introduced to need-to-know people within Auckland real estate – from agents, to project managers and other key people.

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Ron Fong

Ron, a 3rd generation kiwi born Chinese, first started investing in properties in 1969.  In 1996 he decided to cash up to pursue other interests.

Some years later in 2003, Ron decided to revisit his investing journey by raising $180,000 against the equity of his family home and over the course of 12 months, successfully purchased 21 Auckland properties worth $4.5 million dollars.  These properties went on to pay him an after-tax cash flow of over $100,000 a year.  The rental income on these same properties have not only increased over time but are cash flow positive and have grown in value by several million dollars.

Now, 14 years later in 2017, Ron has an impressive portfolio of 34 investment properties with a current market value of over $25 million dollars and an enviable LVR or approximately 30%.

Ron shares with others, that whilst the property market constantly changes, so must your investing strategies, he believes that different opportunities present themselves in each phase of the property cycle and believes we should be investing close to the City Centre.

Ron shares with his students his opinion on the Property Clock, surfing the property ripple, buying wholesale, negotiating and putting in offers.  He also gives regular updates and examples of the massive profits his students are constantly achieving.

Ron is a Super Investor operating an investing strategy and system that continues to get extraordinary results and assists his students in building their own wealth.

Our Coaches

Our team is passionate about driving change and encouraging and motivating you to achieve your financial goals. Each member of our team was hand-selected by Ron Hoy Fong, and has built a successful investment portfolio using methods and techniques taught at Ronovationz.

Our team is made up of inspiring and enthusiastic coaches, who all hold extensive knowledge and experience navigating the Central Auckland market.

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Roy Adams

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Albright Liu

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Carl Wu

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Gary Lyn

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Jason Tan

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Linh Nguyen

Our Story

Coupled with a successful portfolio of over 30 properties valued at over $25 million and a passion to help change lives, Ronovationz was established by Ron Hoy Fong in 2009. Since then, Ronovationz has grown

into a community of over 600 ordinary New Zealanders seeking financial independence through property investment. This has resulted in over 1700 properties owned by Ronovationz members, worth $1 billion.

Ronovationz prides itself on practicing a ‘Buy and Hold’ strategy, maximising your profits in the long run.

What Our Clients Say

Ronovationz aims to help you create your property wealth and has achieved 100% success rate for all their members. Having already assisted hundreds of ordinary New Zealander’s reach their property goals, read just some of our testimonials below to learn more about how Ronovationz can do the same for you.

Sonja & Tom Spratt

  • Plenty of In-Field Support

Geoff 'Fish' Troughton

  • Kept Us Safe And On Track

Jet Reuben

  • Tireless Motivators

Davy Bernardo

  • Getting The Right Mentor Is A Must

Linda Eva

  • Quality Coaching

Olric Thomas

  • Great People