Yes, that’s right!  We are the ONLY Property Coaching company in New Zealand that Guarantees to double your investment in Coaching on the purchase of your first property with us, or your money back, no questions asked.


Buying property, whether it’s a first home or investment can be a daunting arena to enter into on your own, leaving many Kiwis feeling discouraged and overwhelmed. Being part of the Ronovationz family takes that fear away, Ron, the Coaches and our students share their experiences and knowledge, as well as encouraging each other along the way.  We are passionate about what we do, and we will help you reach your property goals.


The only investment vehicle to give multiple streams of income, is stable and predictable, tangible, increases exponentially over time and can generate an ongoing passive income

Our Founder

Ron, a 3rd generation Kiwi-born Chinese, first started investing in properties in 1969.  In 1996 he decided to cash up to pursue other interests.

Some years later in 2003, Ron decided to revisit his investing journey by raising $180,000 against the equity of his family home and over the course of 12 months, successfully purchased 21 Auckland properties worth $4.5 million dollars.  These properties have now gone on to pay him an after-tax cash flow of over $100,000 a year.  The rental income on these same properties have not only increased over time, but are cash flow positive and have grown in value by several million dollars.

Now, 15 years later in 2018, Ron has an impressive portfolio of 34 investment properties with a current market value of over $25 million dollars and an enviable LVR to match.

Ron shares with others, that whilst the property market constantly changes, so must your investing strategies, he believes that different opportunities present themselves in each phase of the Property Cycle and that we should be investing close to the City Center.

Ron shares with his students his opinion on the Property Clock, surfing the property ripple, buying wholesale, negotiating and putting in offers.  He also gives regular updates and examples of the massive profits his students are constantly achieving.

Ron is a Super Investor operating an investing strategy and system that continues to get extraordinary results time and time again.

How It Works


Ronovationz students


Properties between them


Combined property worth

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