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How Ronovationz Works

Ronovationz prides itself on practicing a ‘Buy and Hold’ strategy, maximising your profits in the long run. Our coaches began their investment journey as Ronovationz students, and were able to build themselves successful investment portfolios from the guidance and mentorship received through the group. When you join Ronovationz, you will be learning the same tried and tested principles.

You will be assigned a coach from our trusted team who will begin by gaining a thorough understanding of your financial objectives and current financial situation. Together, you will develop a comprehensive action plan to make your goals a reality. Our coaches will utilise their knowledge and experience of the Auckland property market to ensure you receive the best advice for your personal situation.

Our coaches will be with you during each step of your investment journey, from offering guidance and advice, to negotiating deals and bidding at auctions.

With Ronovationz You Will Receive

A wealth of knowledge

  • All our coaches have impressive property portfolios and years of investing experience. On top of the personal relationship you have with your coach, you also benefit from the knowledge and information which is shared freely throughout the group via regular networking events, classes and group activities. One of the most important things you will learn is the ability to understand the Property Cycle, where we are in it and what the specific buying strategies are for the current market.

Our Mission

  • We want you to succeed, and we know the best people to help with that. You will be introduced to need-to-know people within Auckland real estate – from agents, to project managers and other key players.


  • With our Ronovationz Members Club Card, you can enjoy discounts at places likes Bunnings, Mitre 10, Tile Clearance Centre and more!

24/7 Support

  • Our coaches understand how daunting the property market can be, and want to make this experience as enjoyable as possible. That’s why our coaches offer 24-hour support, 7 days a week. From discussing financial small print, to a great idea you had on your way to work, our coaches are only a call away.

Access to a property investor network

  • You will join a network made up of like-minded, driven individuals, all who want to achieve financial security using property investment. Many lifelong friendships and business ventures are made through our frequent workshops and talks. You will also have access to a members’ only Facebook page where you can share information, tips and experiences.

Lifetime Membership

  • Once you become a Ronovationz member, you will receive lifetime membership status, allowing you to maintain your relationship with your coach, and also participate in the Ronovationz weekly education programme.

In Class training

  • Attend our informative talks and workshops and network with other Ronovationz members.

On the Road training

  • Our coaches will take you to open homes where you can learn in real time what to look for in a property, how to assess its real value, how to speak with an agent and how to negotiate the best deal for you.

Joining Ronovationz means entering into a trusted partnership

Ronovationz promises to be with you every step of the way, but our coaches need your commitment and drive to make this partnership work.

If you are enthusiastic about investment, and ready to start building your own property portfolio and create your own wealth, then our team of investment coaches are excited to hear from you.