Are you hesitant about investing in property right now?

Don’t be!  Instead, be bold and take your lead from one of the world’s greatest investors.

Warren Buffet, business magnate and highly successful investor advises to “Be fearful when others are greedy.  Be greedy when others are fearful”.

Going by his advice, it means that now is the perfect time for property investment.

The overall feeling is that the market is cooling.  This makes people fearful.

But, there are 5 very key reasons why that plays right into your hands as a property investor.

Want to know more?

Then you need to attend our latest seminar which explains “How To Be Bold, & Buy Into Auckland’s Future Now!”

What You Will Learn

If you have a crazy dream of safeguarding your eventual retirement with property investment, then now is the time to do it.

The market might be cooling, but the investment opportunities are heating up.

Be bold, and set yourself up for the future you deserve.

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend This Seminar:

  • A combination of factors have created an ongoing housing shortage in Auckland
  • No matter how far away retirement is, now is the time to prepare
  • Factors like the America’s Cup are raising the demand for Auckland housing
  • The interest rates have never been better!

This melting pot of combining factors creates oppportunity for you to make succesful investments that will generatinge income and security for your family.

Is This Seminar For You?:

If you are sick of dreaming about property investment and not knowing how to get started, then you should come. If you are ready to take action and build the future that you deserve, then we’re ready to show you the most effective risk-free way to turn property investment from a dream to a reality.

Now is the time to increase your personal wealth and position yourself for a financially free future. Joining me for this value packed seminar is the first step towards that future. You will leave this event feeling educated, inspired and ready to take action on creating your dream lifestyle.

Who Am I?

I am Ron Hoy Fong from Ronovationz and I am a Super Investor with a personal property portfolio of $25 Million. I have spent my whole career perfecting the art of generating wealth and positive cash flow by using effective investment strategies.

I started Ronovationz to educate and mentor people who are looking to achieve financial independence through investing in the right property. I have been investing in the Auckland market my whole life. I understand the Property Cycle, and the vital concept of supply and demand. My team and I can enable you to reach your goal through fast tracking without risk.

I believe that it’s never too late to start planning for a better future. Failure to plan is effectively planning to fail.

Sign up to attend the “How To Be Bold, & Buy Into Auckland’s Future Now!” seminar and take the first step towards making wise and profitable property investments with a risk-free strategy.