Want to know exactly how to select the perfect first home or investment property for maximum return?

Then this is the event for you!

Over two days, you will learn how to replicate the exact formula that Ron used to build a property portfolio worth more than $25 million dollars!

There will be a lot to cover, and in order to keep the 2 days focused, intimate and full of value we have limited the number of attendees to 50.  If you are unable to commit to 2 full days of hands-on, interactive learning, this is not the workshop for you.

What Does The Workshop Involve?

Day 1: A series of 5 value-packed interactive, hands-on workshop sessions run by each of the Ronovationz Coaches, these will be followed by learning sessions from Ron and some of our industry experts, you will also have the opportunity to meet and ask questions not only to Ron, his Coaches and our experts, but previous attendees who have gone on to buy their property with these same proven methods that you will also learn on the day.

Day 2: Hit the road with Ron and the team.  We will spend the day On The Road (OTR)  viewing properties that are currently for sale.  We will show you the best areas to buy, the best types of properties to buy, how to add value, how to renovate and how to get your deposit back out so you can buy again.

For 2 days, you will have full access to Ron and Coaches.  Use this opportunity to ask any burning questions you may have about your own personal investment journey, no matter what stage you are at.

Why You Should Attend

If you have been waiting for the right time to invest in property, or to purchase your first home, then stop waiting and start acting now!

This two day intensive hands-on interactive workshop will equip you with firsthand knowledge and genius insider tips from multi-million dollar property investment experts.

Learn the exact steps that Ron took to build his portfolio and use that information to start (or continue) building your own.

The time is right and here’s why…

  • Auckland’s property market is unique and profitable – learn how to use that to your advantage
  • An ongoing housing shortage in Auckland is increasing the demand for good rental properties – properties that you could own and earn an income from
  • The time on the Property Clock says now is when you should be investing or buying your first home – find out why that is

These factors all create an opportunity for you to make successful investments that will generate income and security for your family.

Is This Workshop For You?

Do you want to know exactly how to generate a steady flow of income through property?

Do you want to make investments that will continue to grow in time?

Then you need to attend this two day workshop.

Who Am I?

I am Ron Hoy Fong from Ronovationz and I am a Super Investor with a personal property portfolio of $25 million+. I have spent my whole career perfecting the art of generating wealth and positive cash flow by using effective investment strategies.

I started Ronovationz to educate and mentor people who are looking to achieve financial independence by investing in the right property. I have been investing in the Auckland market my whole life. I understand the property cycle, and the vital concept of supply and demand. My team and I can enable you to reach your goal through fast tracking without risk.

I believe that it is never too late to start planning for a better future. Failure to plan is effectively planning to fail.

Sign up to attend The Property Workshop now! Take the first step towards making wise and profitable property purchases with a risk-free strategy.