Ron Thank You for Inspiring Others to Dream big, To Make Choices that Really effect the Success of their Future Retirement needs Or Immediate finanical Needs. Thank you For sharing With Us! and Getting hands on and meeting with us and surrounding us with a team of investors That have Made it!! Their knowlege and Your knowledge Just made us Powerful!! Knowledge is Power and a Light to Our Feet!! On What to Do and Where to Go. Excited to Make the next Investment deal!

Meleane Teputepu November 2018

Ron and the team provide invaluable advice and assistance in getting the right property, in the right area. Their hands on approach and guidance makes the property investment process so much easier... and safer. Joining Ronovationz was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and my only regret is that I hadn't done it sooner!

Mariusz November 2018

Ever thought about property investing but didn’t know who to speak to? That was me before joining Ronovationz. I always wanted to invest but never knew who to speak to. Well this is the team to be associated with for investing, not only is it a family environment, the knowledge from all the Coaches and our lead mentor Ron is undoubtedly second to none for knowledge. They will help you every step of the way and there is never a bad time to call when in doubt or even needing information. Joining this group has been the best decision so far.

Scott Young November 2018

We first became aware of Ronovations from a friend that is a student of Ronovations. She explained how strategies of investment in property can help with long term financial security. I thought this would be a wise move for me as I am not getting any younger and my job is very demanding plus who knows how expensive life will be in retirement especially if we have not prepared ourselves. We went along to a “On the Road trip” which gave us knowledge of what to look for and not look for (Good buys and bad buys, what works for one does not work for another) There were other students in a similar situation to us. The mentors and Ron are very nice warm people that are very approachable and helpful. There was no pressure at all to join but I knew this would be a good move for us. Other then the excellent help I have had from our coach Jason Tan and listening to other coaches with different ideas on renovation concepts, I really enjoy joining the group. My self and others in the group can feel the “family” vibe within the group which creates a fun enjoyable environment to learn. I can recommend Ronovations to any body interested in property investment.

Darren & Jeanette October 2018

If you are thinking of investing in property or purchasing your own home, but don't know where to start, where to buy, what to buy, how much to pay.... then Ronovationz is the place to go. Ron Hoy Fong and his team are genuine and dedicated to ensuring you are armed with the correct information, support and motivation in making it happen. Being part of Ronovationz is like being part of an extended family, coaches work with you one on one every step of the way, and everyone provides much needed emotional support and motivation to keep with the plan. Linh Nguyen is an amazing coach who is 100% committed to each of her students' success. Thanks Ronovationz for helping me take my first steps onto the property ladder.

Anna McLeod October 2018

Best decision joining Ronovationz Jason and the Team are amazing coaches and extremely helpful my wife and I are truly grateful.

Michael Kaufusi July 2018

Very helpful! Ron and his coaches are like family to us. Very approachable and they answer your questions when needed. After owning our home while being new to NZ, joined Ronovationz and bought our first rental with limited resources, all with the help of the expertise of Ron and his team of highly skillful professionals and tradesmen. What more can you ask for! Would encourage everyone to have a chat with Ron and his team!

Maria Shella June 2018

These guys are awesome, Ron and his team walk the walk, knowledgeable, experienced and on the ball, best investment, apart from Property (and marrying my wife) I've made Can't recommend highly enough, thanks guys!

Sandy Morrison April 2018

Behind every successful person lies a great mentor that allows you to achieve the most incredible goals. Ron Hoy Fong and his Ronovationz coaching team have given me the opportunity to achieve my financial goals through property investment. Ronovationz coaching is hands on and the coaches are with you every step of the way. If you are serious about creating financial freedom in your life, you need a mentor. Ronovationz is the greatest investment my wife and I ever made.

Martin Braunton June 2018

Amazing group of people who literally are there 7 days a week to help you through each step of buying property. A wealth of knowledge and very friendly people.

Joanne Clare May 2018

The best property mentor and life mentor you can find, very professional and wealth of knowledge about Auckland properties. Life changing group of people and mentors.

Shahadin Ali March 2018

Very helpful and experienced team!

Harmeet Singh May 2018

Worth every cent of your investment!! Credible and amazing supportive team, they are here for the long term and ALL the coaches are real investors themselves.

Nashwan Ibrahim March 2018

The best thing we like about Ronovationz is there is plenty of in-field support. The modest one-off lifetime fee was more than returned on our very first investment property purchase, which we made within two weeks of joining. All credit belongs to Ron and the Ronovationz coaches and partners. We will always be grateful for their wisdom, heart for the student’s success and superior business savvy.

Tom Spratt March 2018

Ron and the team assisted me into my first investment property , could not have asked for better mentoring and knowledge, saved me thousands on purchase and made the whole process easy and stress-less.

Kerry Wood March 2018

An all-round great set of people, recommended.

Leon Williams March 2018

Awesome customer services - great people to work with!

Arden Renee November 2017

Ronvationz, buy well and add value, have a large knowledge pool to call on. In 3 months I had purchased one of their handpicked properties that gave me an equity of 3 times my annual income just on the purchase. They will teach you what the schools never will, financial literacy.

Paul Hutter March 2018

I have found Ron to have the utmost integrity and professionalism and caring for others and to suggest otherwise is a travesty. Shame on the media for daring to suggest otherwise, it is them who should be taken to task for their slippery attempt to slant the facts in the interests of selling newspapers! I am cancelling my NZ Herald subscription tomorrow and hope others will follow!

Ross Corlett May 2017

Since joining the Ronovationz group I feel I have an investment strategy that works and will help me achieve the goals I have set. As a student there is ongoing support support and education to help you remain current with the industry and you reap the rewards of Rons passion and experience.

Andie Quinn May 2017

Ronovationz has provided me & my family a more secure future in retirement through property investment. They 'talk the talk' but more importantly they 'walk the walk'. There is no better way to learn than from individuals who have done it successfully beforehand. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ronovationz to others.

Greg Fisher May 2017

Ron gave me inspiration and practical help to get me from a trajectory with no hope of owning property to one where I now own two and am working on my third and fourth in the next year. Thanks Ron.

Donavin Wick May 2017

Without Ron's guidance, I won't be where I am today. Forever grateful for his guidance and mentorship. Ron, you are the BEST! Thanks!

Fei Yee May 2017

We are so grateful to journey our property investment with Ron 5 years ago. He has taught us well to find the best deal of the century !! Ron you are an awesome and caring mentor.

Michelle Chong May 2017

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